Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Breakfast with a super hero

Good morning! I was able to wake up early today, 4:30, and get a workout in at the gym. I used to go at that time everyday but a few months ago I started bringing D with me and leaving him in the gym's child watch room. When he was younger he would cry if I tried to leave him in there, which broke my heart. Now that he is a little older he knows that I will be back soon. He really enjoys playing with all the kids, I like to bring him at last 3 times a week.
This morning I changed up breakfast a bit. I mixed together oatmeal, a banana and almonds. I like to have some sort of dairy in the morning, today was a cup of milk in a super cool Spiderman cup. Of course coffee was needed, it will probably make an appearance this afternoon too.
Time to get this party started, I am not really sure what we are doing today. I think a loaf of bread is in order. Enjoy the morning.

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