Monday, June 30, 2008

Into the Heat

I have been really enjoying the spicy flavor and heat of buffalo sauce these days (especially tofu from Whole Foods). I used Frank's Red Hot (original) Cayenne Pepper Sauce to kick up the flavor of my dinner. All I did was put a few drops onto corn tortillas covered in melted cheese and chic peas. I mixed more hot sauce into the bowl of chic peas too - so good!!! I had some red peppers and dressing on the side.

To end with a little sweetness I had a yogurt and half a Kashi Crunchy granola bar.

This afternoon I had a packet of Kashi Heart to Heart oatmeal for a snack.

Charlie & I just cleaned the hamster cage. Sir Milton is now running around the dinning room floor in his plastic ball.
Where has the night gone - I can not believe it is already almost 9. I was going to try to read but now I think I might end up falling asleep. I would like to get to the gym nice and early tomorrow so going to bed now is not such a bad idea. Good night.

This will save some dough

I want to thank Tina from Carrots & Cake for her idea on making iced coffee at home - such a good way to save money. I like to get an occasional iced coffee, usually a black hazelnut flavored, from Dunkin Donuts. Well I just bought a bag of hazelnut coffee beans and brewed a pot yesterday, let it cool, put it in a plastic jug, then into the fridge it went and now it is ready to make iced coffee with. I made one after my workout and..........

I ate a Kashi granola bar.

Lunch today is 2 eggs, raisin toast, cottage cheese, zucchini sticks, 3 almond stuffed dates and 3 extra almonds.
After lunch D and I are off to play at Rocco's (my nephew). He called this morning while we were at the gym - he must have know that I wanted to visit him today.
See you tonight.

Patience rewarded

Yes I love birds. I love hearing the sounds of them in my yard. I think they are such beautiful little creatures and I enjoy watching them in the feeders. About a month and a half ago I got a hummingbird feeder. There has been no activity near it so I was tempted to take it down and replace it with a seed feeder. My sister informed me that it does take a little while to attract hummingbirds - she has a feeder. I ended up leaving it there - patience is not my strong point- and this morning I saw the cutest little guy take a drink of the nectar, twice. I tried to snap a shot but he was too quick. I am glad that I left the feeder there because now I if I am lucky I can look out my kitchen window and get a glimpse of my favorite bird.

For breakfast I had oatmeal, a banana (mashed in) and a sprinkle of walnuts. I drank a glass of skim milk for some AM dairy.

This morning D and I are going to the gym. The noise outside my house is awful - they are using jackhammers. I am not sure what my sister is doing this afternoon, today sounds like a good day to visit. Happy Monday!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The end of the weekend

The day is almost over and once again I have waited till now to catch up on my blogging. Next weekend I am going to stay on top of my posts so that I do not have to cram so much in all at once. Sorry in advance for this being another quickie.
Breakfast was Weetabix, skim milk, banana & almonds. Then I was at the gym by 7:00.

After the gym I had a few baby carrots and a sliced apple.
No pictures of lunch because it was nothing special. I had salad, PB&J and cottage cheese. I also ended up having a yogurt, a Kashi granola bar and a square of chocolate before I went to the grocery store later in the afternoon.

Dinner was a few veggie sticks (zucchini & carrots) which I dipped in hummus and a turkey burger with BBQ sauce and provolone cheese (I found a hormone free brand). I had the burger on a mini whole wheat pita.

I had some of the frozen yogurt I bought yesterday. I mixed in a some PB and a new cereal that I bought for D today - Organic Wild Cocoa Puffs by Barbara's Bakery. He has been asking for Cocoa Puffs whenever we go to the store but I refuse to by something for breakfast that is so unhealthy. I guess with the word organic in the title it makes me feel better about giving him cocoa flavored cereal. Of course he had to have it for dinner - he did have a piece of pizza first. I made one of the American Flatbread Company frozen pizzas (from Whole Foods) for Charlie & D.

I will be back on track tomorrow. See you in the AM.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday Out & About

I ended up going to the gym this morning around 7:45. Before I went, I had a creamy bowl of oatmeal, wheat bran, chopped dates & walnuts. For a change I actually had a glass of skim milk with it. I bought some skim milk yesterday so that I can start to drink more milk now that I am not having yogurt every morning.

When I got back from the gym I spread 1/2 a tablespoon of peanut butter and mashed a banana on a small whole wheat pita.

Even though I had the pita, p.b. and banana an hour and a half later (10:45) I was hungry again. I did not want to eat lunch yet and I knew we were going out for a bit so I decided to have one of the string cheese sticks (hormone free) I bought yesterday.

The guys & I went to a little farm stand in town - our first time there. They had all kinds of produce along with a lot of jams, spreads, sauces, pickled veggies, mustards, candy, spices and home-made baked goods. One of the things that caught my eye was a jar of no sugar added pumpkin butter. Of course being a pumpkin lover I bought it and thus came my lunch creation.

I had peanut butter and the pumpkin butter on raisin bread. The pumpkin butter is great, I am glad that I tried the one with out the sugar added - they sold both kinds. Despite not having any sugar added it has enough sweetness for my taste, probably due to the apple cider listed in the ingredients.

I also tried another flavor of Rachel's yogurt. I have to say that most of the flavors I have tried are so yummy, the only one that I was only so-so on was the vanilla chai. I like vanilla and chai but the flavors were a little odd mixed together. I think the bitterness of the yogurt made the chai flavor taste off since I tend to think of that flavor as being sweet. Overall I really like this brand.

We did some driving around this afternoon because Charlie wanted to try a blade meat sandwich for lunch (not my bag, that is why I packed a lunch to eat on the road). D ended up falling asleep - probably because he was up late and got up early this morning. We went to one place but they only sold the meat. We asked them if they could recommend a place where he could get a sandwich and luckily there was a place just up the street. After Charlie got his sandwich we drove to a Costco. We have never been inside one, but we wanted to compare it to BJ's, where we already have a membership. We liked what they had to offer & the prices but decided that it was a little far from our house to travel when the BJ's is only 5 minutes away.
On our way back home we stopped at Whole Foods to pick up a few things. I got some things from the salad bar, fruit and Stonyfield non-fat vanilla frozen yogurt. The salad had spinach, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, bok choy, grilled onions, grilled squash, BBQ & buffalo tofu, a small piece of buffalo chicken (not fried), and a tiny scoop of black bean salad. Can I just tell you that I am in love with the tofu. I am not usually to keen on tofu but these 2 flavors are so delicious. I am going to try to make my own. If anyone has a recipe please let me know.

For dessert I had some of the frozen yogurt mixed with pineapple, blueberries, strawberries and some shaved chocolate (plus a few extra squares on the side). We bought 2 bars of Lake Champlain Chocolate. They are of the darker variety that do not contain milk. I also put in a small tsp of a peanut butter spread (another purchase at the farm stand today). A nice ending.
D is in bed now and Charlie just got back from taking Otto for a walk. I think we are going to hang out for a while before we go to bed. I would like to read and I think Charlie mentioned that he wanted to start a new book - we like to read in bed together. I will be back at some point tomorrow. Good night.

Friday, June 27, 2008


This is a quick post if this evening, we just got in from taking D to see the movie Wall-E. It was wicked cute - made me laugh a few times too.
For dinner I made a Cornmeal Crusted Tart from Ellie Krieger's book The Food You Crave. I omitted the eggplant - I have tried to like it, probably the only veggie I don't. I made it with oven roasted tomatoes & zucchini that were layered with mozzarella cheese (hormone free). The crust was made of cornmeal, whole wheat pastry flour, butter, oil, salt & water. Overall a very simple dish with lots of possibilities. I am going to play with this one.

Here is my plate with an ear of corn on the cob. I love corn on the cob - this one was so sweet.

For dessert I sliced an apple, layered it in a baking dish, sprinkled on a packet of Kashi Golden Brown Maple and a few tablespoons of water. I baked this in the oven until it was moist then sprayed the top with cooking spray and placed under the broiler till brown. I did sprinkle on almonds (not pictured) just before eating. Not a bad mock apple crisp.

This afternoon I had a Clif Bar, this flavor was really good. It reminded me of a Larabar because it was all chopped up fruit and nuts. I would buy this one again.

I wasn't planning on having more yogurt but this one got damaged on the trip home - of course I only bought one. I didn't want to waste it beside it was a little extra calcium.

Here is the shocker - D is a picky eater, as I have said many times. Well tonight I got him to eat red pepper (he dipped it in dressing).

And a piece of string cheese (I just found a hormone free package). I did have to bribe him with TV (don't judge). He doesn't look to happy about the cheese but he did say it was good and he would eat it again. I won't count on that. I am just happy he ate cheese that was not melted on pizza.
It is time to call it a day. See you in the AM.

This little piggy got stubbed

Today D got a boo-boo on his baby toe by stubbing it somehow - you never know with this kid. He told me the dog - our 12 pound Italian greyhound - made him crash into his train table, the scene of the crime, and that is when he stubbed his toe. Well no tears were shed by either of my children (human & furry), just lots of belly aching by D.

To make him feel better I got him a big frosted donut with lots of sprinkles (still sporting the clover jimmies).

Lunch today, I am sorry to say was nothing creative. I had left over veggies from last night,.......

......raisin bread with the last of the Mighty Maple Peanut Butter and

......1/2 cup plain yogurt mixed with a container of Rachel's yogurt.

I am off to the store. I have a idea for dinner and I actually need to buy a special pan to bake it in - that is the only clue you are getting from me. Return tonight to see what I make. Now the pressure is on to really make it good. : )

Oatmeal will never let you down

There was a time when I used to eat oatmeal like 3 times a day. It was always so good if my stomach was bugging me from IBS. Then I stopped having it so much. This morning I went back to my old trusty friend, oatmeal never lets me down. I mixed in wheat bran, a banana, and walnuts. So delicious!!

For some dairy and protein I ate my last Chobani yogurt.

D and I are off to the gym in a little while. I might stop by the store to pick up some ingredients. I found a few recipes that I want to try in order to continue my quest for variety. I will either go then ore possibly after lunch - I do not like to grocery shop when I am hungry.
Happy Friday!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Much better

My dinner tonight was a much better choice than last night. I actually had time to think about what I wanted to make with the ingredients I had available in my cabinets and fridge.
I tried to find hormone free ricotta cheese today but I had no success - this is probably going to take some time as I research various companies. In stead I used cottage cheese in my cheesy, chicken baked pasta. It was a nice change for me seeing as I rarely eat pasta. But as I stated this morning I am in desperate need of some variety in my diet.
The dish contains 3/4 cup (cooked) whole wheat pasta, 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 1/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese, 2.5 oz. left over marinated chicken (cooked & chopped), and a sprinkle of basil. I baked it in the oven at 350 degrees till the cheese is melted. I must say I am very proud of this concoction - healthy, filling, flavorful, quick to prepare - so I will definitely repeat, and a good substitute for ricotta.

For a side dish I steamed these cute baby veggies I found at Whole Foods and a few slices of red pepper, they were a nice addition. (I had a tiny puddle of Maple Grove Farms dressing in the bowl.)

For dessert I sliced an apple that was accompanied by a tablespoon of peanut butter.

Time to get D to bed, then I am going to read my book. Have a great evening, yeah Friday is tomorrow. See you then!

Visiting with friends

I have to say that those pancakes sure did stay with me this morning. I did not end up eating anything else until 11. I had a Larabar - this flavor is awesome - banana cookie, which tastes like banana bread. I had it just before going over to a friends house for the afternoon.

While I was visiting my friend and D was playing with his friend (her son), I had a nice cup of tea (black). Around 12:30 I ate my yogurt and did not feel like I needed anything more.

Then around 2:00 my stomach was growling so I had a Clif Bar. I am home now and really hungry, but I do not want to have dinner yet (it is 4:00). I made myself a packet of Kashi Heart to Heart, Golden Brown Maple oatmeal. This should hold me over long enough to make a decent dinner (unlike last night) plus keep my blood sugar from dropping - that would not be good.
Be back later.

Bye bye boring

Today I am staring a new approach to my meals. I am sick of the boring same old stuff. I am going to open up my cookbooks and start to experiment. I have many wonderful and healthy books - the variety is definitely available to me.
For breakfast I made Buckwheat pancakes from a cookbook by Ellie Krieger - The Food You Crave. It is a wonderful cookbook that I have used in the past - I knew this recipe would be delicious. I think the pancakes came out a little flat because I was supposed to use buttermilk, which I did not have any on hand. Instead I tried the old lemon juice mixed in with regular milk trick - I am not sure if that worked so well this morning. Even though they are not the most voluptuous cakes I have ever seen, they sure do taste good. I have never used buckwheat flour before - it has a great nutty flavor.

The recipe was blueberry pancakes (I ran out of blueberries), I just left them out. I also left out one of the 2 tablespoons of oil. To serve mine I mashed a banana with some canned pumpkin, then spread it between the layers of 3 pancakes. It was so yummy and very filling. Definitely a great start to a new beginning.

This recipe made 12 pancakes, which breaks down to 4 servings. I am going to freeze the rest so these will make an appearance again, hopefully I can be creative with ways to top them. I do not want to resort to boring maple syrup, although maple syrup is so tasty.
Now with a satisfied belly I will press on in my journey through my endless supply of recipes in order to bring new flavors to my palate. I know my stomach won't mind the new experience either. : )

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just in the nick of time

I have to say that I was very lucky to snap that photo of the birds yesterday because when I went to pick up my sister I checked the nest and they were all gone. I knew they looked pretty snug in that nest - I guess they were big enough to leave home. Well that was definitely one of the coolest things I have ever seen.
A new addition to my family is a baby duck that my Nana actually incubated from an egg. She actually owns an incubator - this is the only one that was able to hatch. She has another batch in the incubator now - hopefully she will be able to give this little one some friends. It is the cutest thing - it will come over to you if you call it, just like a little puppy. It was playing with the 3 kids and letting them touch him or her (not sure the sex). Here are a few pictures - it is so tiny, maybe the size of the palm of my hand.

For dinner I had some canned pineapple, blueberries, cottage cheese and nuts.

I also toasted a Thomas' English muffin that I topped with some mashed cannellini beans and cheddar cheese (hormone free). Not a good choice for dinner. It did not satisfy me at all. I should have had an afternoon snack, but I was so busy at my Nana's house - giving her a perm then cleaning my filthy child so I could actually take him home without ruining the inside of my truck. By the time I got home I was starving.

I ended up having some frozen yogurt. I found this brand Sweet Scoops at Whole Foods. They say right on the container " That's why they use only the finest, freshest ingredients and milk that is free of artificial growth hormones". This flavor is Mudslide Chocolate Chunk, pretty good - very intense flavor. I also had a spoonful of Mighty Maple Peanut Butter. Next time I need to select a better dinner menu.
If you are wondering if avoiding the hormones in dairy has had any affect on my skin condition I can honestly say my skin has cleared up 100%. I will have Charlie take a picture to prove it. I had such bad acne, worse than when I was a teenager. My dermatologist told me about the relationship between acne and the rGBH hormones, so I have avoided it for 3 weeks and what a huge change. Now I am going get my guys to avoid it as well. For a few extra bucks we all will be rid of that stuff.
I am off to bed, see you tomorrow.

Post, eat and hit the road

A quick post before I eat my lunch and hit the road - to granny house we go.
After the gym I ate one of my pumpkin muffins, these are the softest muffins I have ever made.

For lunch I mashed a hard boiled egg with 1/4 cup cottage cheese (Organic Valley brand), then I mixed in a tiny bit of mustard and threw in a bunch of greens.

I am also having raisin bread (Fiber One) with peanut butter.

.........and lastly a yogurt. I will probably take a snack with because I am sure to need something later this afternoon. Be back around dinner. Enjoy the rest of the after noon.